‘Special edition signed CD’
A 14 song limited edition which includes bonus acoustic & piano versions from Rockfield Studios.
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The new single 'Unavailable' (Radio Mix) - out now!
Raising awareness for Mental Health Day 2020.

Listen for FREE to ‘Wave Goodbye' (feat Lydia Alonso) which was recorded during Lockdown.
Enjoy this exclusive live version of the song performed by
Matt Mitchell - Vocals/guitar & Lidia Alonso - Cello.
Enjoy the song & stay safe

Matt Mitchell signs leading single ‘Black Diamonds’ to Earache Records to go on the ‘New Wave of Rock n Roll’ compilation album alongside 14 other bands.

The Worldwide release is on Vinyl only and available in 3 colours, Black, Clear and Purple. The album is due for release on 13th March 2020 and you can pre order now at :